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Charging service

All about the BYD charging service

Together with Vattenfall InCharge, we offer various services for charging your BYD. At home or on the road – all kinds of options are available to keep you moving.

Charging on the go

Take advantage of the BYD charging pass and accompanying app. With 85,000 locations to charge your BYD electric vehicle, you are always close to the next charging point (including fast chargers). You can also simply charge abroad with the BYD charging pass.

App features

  • See where the nearest charging point is.
  • Check with what power you are charging at the charging point.
  • Instantly see how much it costs to charge at the charge point. This cost is automatically charged to you or your employer each month.

Order your own Louwman BYD charging card completely free of charge.

Charging at home

Want to charge at home, too? No problem. You can have a charging point mounted. For example, on the wall or on a pole in the ground. A technician will install this charge point and also ensure that the charge point makes optimal use of Dynamic Load Balancing. This ensures the right balance between maximum power to charge and preventing overcharging. The charge point “talks” to the smart meter in your home to distribute the available power between the various power consumers. So you don’t have to worry about charging your BYD efficiently and safely. The charging stations and installation are covered by a standard 5-year warranty.

Home charging solutions

We offer various packages for the charging service. The standard packages include installation of an Alfen Eve Single charge point, charge card and possible repaving. The solutions are listed below:

Louwman – BYD Charging service home charging solutionsincl. VATexcl. VAT
Basic – on wall or on stand base, up to 1 meter excavation€ 2.395,-€ 1.979,34
Complete – on wall or stand base, up to 10 meter excavations€ 2.995,-€ 2.475,21
Maximum – on wall or stand base; up to 15 meters excavations€ 3.495,-€ 2.888,43

Other options

Preparing modification of meter cupboard from 1 to 3 phases € 499,- € 412,39

BYD HAN with the vehicle to load

Additional package ‘Hosting & Management’

As an additional option, we also offer ‘Hosting & Management’. We connect your home charging point to our systems and then provide remote service and maintenance.

Benefits ‘Hosting & Management’:

  • Incharge account
  • 24/7 remote service
  • Linking extra charge cards or guest use
  • Automatic settlement of business charged electricity

The costs for the additional package are €7 per month (€5.79 excl. VAT). You pay this amount monthly by direct debit. Or you pay directly at purchase 60 months in advance.

Customization for a home charging station

It may be that the options offered for a home charge point are not possible in your situation. In that case we will be happy to help you find a tailor-made solution. We will also discuss any additional costs directly.

BYD charging service and Vattenfall InCharge partnership

At BYD, building a sustainable world and future is of enormous value. Electric driving is an essential part of that. To encourage electric driving, we have entered into a partnership with Vattenfall InCharge. This partnership gives us the opportunity to offer an extensive network of charging stations. Both at home and abroad. Vattenfall InCharge is working on the largest charging network in Europe as well as investing in innovation, such as smart charging and Dynamic Load Balancing. A partnership for now and the future.


Questions about the BYD charging service? Please contact us so we can help you further.

General terms and conditions

  1. BYD charging service is performed in the Netherlands by Vattenfall InCharge. On behalf of BYD charging service, Vattenfall InCharge will provide your charge point and one of its installation partners will physically install and test it professionally.
  2. The number of meters of excavation between your meter box and the desired location of the BYD charge point determines the pricing of the package. Responsibility for correctly determining these meters lies with the customer. Of course, we can assist you with this.
  3. With the Maximum Home Charging Package, an inspection prior to installation is always part of the process. Here we determine whether any additional costs apply. In situations where there are additional costs, these additional costs will be charged to the driver or employer by Vattenfall InCharge.
  4. A BYD charge point is always delivered in combination with a ‘hosting & management’ subscription. This subscription is concluded between the owner of the BYD and Vattenfall InCharge. This can also be your employer or leasing company.
  5. If you use your BYD for business purposes, the hosting & management subscription will also take care of the settlement of electricity charged for business use. Vattenfall InCharge will do this settlement between user and employer or leasing company. This is subject to the general terms and conditions of Vattenfall InCharge that belong to the ‘hosting & management’ subscription.
  6. Increasing the connection value or converting your grid connection from 1 to 3 phases is the responsibility of your grid operator. Neither BYD nor Vattenfall InCharge is responsible for the time or costs thereby charged by your grid operator. However, preparatory work in converting a connection, adapting your meter box and fusing this is possible at an additional cost.
  7. Dynamic Load Balancing is a standard feature supported by the smart charge point. The presence of a smart meter is required for proper operation. If you do not have a smart meter, this function will not work. You can request a smart meter from your grid operator.
  8. The BYD charge point will be delivered in base before you take delivery of your new BYD. If your BYD can be delivered from stock, the lead time will be approximately 6 weeks. Of course, we strive to shorten this. A BYD charge point is then immediately available.
  9. Warranty: a BYD charge point comes with a 5-year warranty. Also on correct installation. Excluded from warranty are damages caused by improper use, destruction or natural disasters.
  10. Data processing personal data: in accordance with the guidelines of the AVG, we ask permission to share your personal data with Vattenfall InCharge and its installation partner. These will be used carefully and exclusively for the appointment and installation of your BYD charge point.

Testdrive BYD

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