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About BYD

The biggest EV builder. With the biggest dreams.

Build Your Dreams.

Promoter of big dreams

BYD stands for Build Your Dreams, and that articulates exactly what we stand for: chasing big dreams. Because the bigger the dream, the bigger the change it inspires. We dream of a better future, where our human nature to want to travel, explore and move exists in perfect harmony with taking care of our planet.

Building a sustainable future

Sustainable mobility is not about moving less, but about making every movement more sustainable. We therefore continue to look for smart and electric innovations in emission-free mobility. In the field of electric vehicles but also, for example, solar panels and SkyRail systems. Every time a step closer to our green dream.

Experience superior quality

We have grown in 20 years to become the largest manufacturer of electrified cars in the world.

Chaser of progress

Since our founding in 1995, BYD has emerged as a pioneer in the world of electronics, automotive, transportation and new energy. With emission-free energy solutions from generation and storage to every possible application, with urban and rail transportation and with the production of more than three million (!) electric passenger cars.

World’s largest manufacturer of electrified cars

In 20 years, we have become the world’s largest manufacturer of electrified cars. In 2022, we reached another record milestone, with total sales of 1,862,428 new electrified passenger cars worldwide. An increase of 155.1 percent compared to the previous year! For us, a sign that the world shares our green dream and is ready for 100% sustainable mobility.

BYD & Louwman

With Louwman Group, we have found a perfect partner in pursuing our ambitions in sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. Our green dream fits seamlessly with Louwman Group’s ‘Mobility For Life’ goal.

A cooperation that enables us both to actively build a sustainable future and a better life for all our drivers in the Netherlands.


BYD in the media

A lot has been happening around Build Your Dreams lately, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in the media. Want to read more about all the developments and keep up with the latest news? Click the button and check out the news by model and about BYD as a brand.

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