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Louwman Dreams B.V. / BYD Terms and Conditions

By visiting and using the Louwman Dreams b.v. website, hereinafter referred to as Louwman BYD, you accept these terms and conditions without any reservations. These terms and conditions therefore also apply to your visit to the Louwman BYD website.


The Louwman BYD website contains information and advertising about Louwman BYD products. The products Louwman BYD shows on this website are only intended for the European market. The described advertising campaigns only apply to the relevant countries. All website content is provided for information purposes only.

The information on this site is as complete as possible. However, Louwman BYD reserves the right to modify the models, equipment, specifications and availability at any time without prior notice.

Consumption figures and emission values

All indicative consumption figures and emission values quoted on this website are measured in a controlled environment in accordance with the WLTP method. The measurements are carried out on a standard production vehicle. In practice, consumption and emissions also depend on other factors, such as the weather conditions, load, tyre pressure, handling, use and equipment. Prices of Louwman BYD products and services The prices on the Louwman BYD website are indicative only and do not constitute an offer for the sale of Louwman BYD products and services. The shown prices are recommended retail prices and do not necessarily correspond with the actual prices of an official Louwman BYD dealer. The purchase of a Louwman BYD product or service is always subject to terms and conditions that are set out in an individual contract.

Use of cookies

Louwman BYD uses cookie technology to analyse the path you follow to the Louwman BYD website. This allows the company to register the transactions of its website users and to assess and improve the Louwman BYD website to better meet your needs. Louwman BYD does not use this technology to collect information about individual users, which means that no specific information about you is kept or used. You can set your browser to not accept cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent.

Personal data/messages from users

Louwman BYD will only use the personal data you provide via the Louwman BYD website to optimise its services. Louwman BYD will do its utmost to secure the collection, transmission and storage of personal data in line with the type of information. Louwman BYD will not use your personal data to send any unsolicited messages or information and Louwman BYD will not exchange your data with any third parties or sell your data without your consent.

Even though Louwman BYD is in no way obliged to check or revise the messages left by users on the Louwman BYD website and accepts no responsibility or liability for such user messages, Louwman BYD reserves the right to check such messages from time to time and to remove them from the website without any further justification.

Copyright, industrial and intellectual property

The presentation and the entire content of this website (including its coding) is the industrial and intellectual property of Louwman Dreams b.v. in s’-Gravenhage, Louwman Dreams b.v. and Louwman BYD or possible third parties and is therefore protected by copyright. The information, copy, photographs, coding and images on this website are solely intended for personal, non-commercial purposes and display, and must not be reproduced, adapted or sent in whole or in part, or authorised for publication or distribution without the prior written consent of Louwman Dreams b.v. in ‘s-Gravenhage, Louwman BYD or a possible third party.


The trademark, logos, images and service information on this website are the property of Louwman Dreams b.v., Louwman BYD or third parties. They must not be used, downloaded, copied or distributed in any way whatsoever without the specific written consent of Louwman Dreams b.v., Louwman BYD or the relevant third party as the case may be.


The Louwman BYD website may contain hyperlinks to other, completely independent internet sites. Louwman BYD does not offer any guarantee with regard to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information provided in such hyperlinks or on any other websites. The risks associated with visiting such linked websites are borne entirely by the visitor.

No representation or guarantee of accuracy Although Louwman BYD makes every effort to make sure the information it provides is correct, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this website. Louwman BYD does not accept any responsibility or liability for the information’s accuracy, completeness or authenticity. This website and its entire contents are made available for information purposes only without any express or implied warranty or rights.


Louwman BYD specifically does not accept any liability for direct, indirect, incidental or special damage resulting from, or in any way related to, your access to or use of the Louwman BYD website, including loss or damage caused by computer viruses or the use of the information on the Louwman BYD website.

Policy updates

Louwman BYD reserves the right to amend these policies at any time in the interest of the business and invites the visitor to check this page from time to time to see if anything has changed.