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Blauwe BYD Han rijdend voor een monumentaal gebouw

The superlative in everything.


521 km
Range WLTP
€ 69.990,-
Price incl. VAT
€ 899,- p/m*
72 months & 5.000 km/yr

Take all our expertise, experience, ambitions and creative craftsmanship and bring them together in the design of an electric sedan – that’s the BYD HAN. From the award-winning design to the smallest details, we’ve gone that extra mile in everything to bring you a superior EV experience.


Superior design

The design of the HAN is peppered with distinctive BYD details: headlights that form the mustache of a Chinese dragon, a traditional Chinese knot as taillights and a line pattern full of energy and emotion. Not for nothing did its impressive design win HAN the prestigious iF Design Award! This is seriously a sedan of another level.

Blauwe BYD Han geparkeerd op een zonnig straat met klinkers


Superior performance

Just technically: the streamlined body of your HAN has a drag coefficient of 0.23. That’s extremely low! Partly because of this, your HAN accelerates from 0-100 in 3.9 seconds and has a range of 512 kilometers on a single charge. So those smooth sleek lines aren’t just there for the award-winning looks.

Blauwe BYD Han rijdend voor een monumentaal gebouw


Superior comfort

Frankly, we don’t know who is more comfortable; the driver or the passengers? All sport seats (front and rear) are fully electrically adjustable and heated, as is the steering wheel. And with the multifunction touchscreen in the rear armrest, you have equal control over the interior lighting, panoramic roof and climate system. Front, rear … everyone sits equally rich!


Superior control

Power is nothing without control. That’s why the HAN offers you Real-Time Electric All-Wheel Drive and an intelligent suspension system. In other words, always full grip, comfort and control in any situation. Moreover, the HAN is standard equipped with course-level Brembo calipers and the IPB braking system from Bosch. With your HAN, you are and remain master of every challenge.

BYD HAN zijaanzicht


Superior craftsmanship

Quality you feel with every touch – that’s the HAN’s Dynasty Interior. From the napa leather upholstery, to the refined finishes and materials in the cabin and dashboard, to the intuitive 15.6-inch multimedia touchscreen that puts you in complete control of your ride – every detail is the result of high-end craftsmanship.

BYD HAN details


Superior appearance

Take every drive to the next level with the high-end Dynaudio surround sound system: 12 HiFi speakers designed, tuned and perfected in Denmark. Active interior lighting lives with your mood in color and movement, and the standard panoramic skylight offers you a wonderfully spacious experience.

BYD HAN interieur

More energy for all of your life

The innovation Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology makes the HAN your personal mobile power plant. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and still having access to power! From appliances to your camping gear, charge everything wherever and whenever you want.

BYD HAN with the vehicle to load


Blade Battery

After many independent tests, we can honestly say that our Blade Battery is one of the safest and best batteries in the world. This is partly because we have been a global authority in battery technology for over 27 years



Superior EV experience

521 kmRange WLTP
3,9 sec0 – 100 km/h
180 km/hMax. speed
85,4 kWhBattery
AWDDual Motor
19 inchRims
BYD HAN vooraanzicht

The HAN testdrive

The only way to really get to know HAN is with a test drive. Click the button below to schedule your test drive!

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