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The new definition of ‘more’


400 km
Range WLTP
€ 69.990
Price incl. VAT
€1.145,- p/m*
72 months & 5.000 km/yr

Give your family more with the TANG. More luxury, more space, more style, more seating, more control, more safety, more features, more equipment… and all 100% electric. This 7-seat SUV with 1500 kg towing weight has everything you need & more.


More style

The Chinese dragon is a sign of luck, vitality and wisdom. Not for nothing the inspiration for the design of our premium family EV, then! The powerful broad appearance with the typical “dragon mustache” in the headlights, the long lines on the body, all details give this 7-seater an expressive style in which you and your family absolutely want to be seen.


More luxury

A family EV a compromise? Get into the TANG and you’ll instantly understand that from now on you’ll be traveling in pure luxury! Every ride sits better thanks to the luxurious upholstery and sounds better thanks to the DIRAC-Live® sound system with 12 speakers. The 15.6-inch multimedia touchscreen, multi-colored interior lighting and luxurious materials complete the atmosphere, no matter the mood in the back seats.


More space

From your daily routes to multi-day road trips, your TANG offers ample space for any adventure. With seven comfortable seats and two flexible fold-down rear seats, you’ll always find the ideal layout for any trip. You can create a maximum luggage space of up to 1,655 liters*! And the roof racks give you even more possibilities.

*1,655 liters behind the front row seats, 940 liters behind the second row and 235 liters behind the rear row. Load and cargo capacity limited by weight and weight distribution.


Greater insight

The BYD Connect app provides you with real-time information about the status of your car whenever you want. So you always know exactly where you stand, while you can remotely activate and control key functions from your smartphone.



1 powerful implementation

400 km
Range WLTP
4,6 sec
0 – 100 km/h
180 km/h
Max. speed
86,4 kWh
380 kW
680 Nm
1.655 L
Max. storage space
1500 kg
Towing weight
0 g/km
CO2 emissions

More safety

With full back seats, of course you want to be assured of the utmost safety! So we gave ourselves a challenge when designing the TANG: build our safest EV ever. The result? Your TANG is equipped with 20 state-of-the-art safety features such as a 360-degree HD surround camera, 11 exterior radars and all the “Advanced Drivers Assistance System” technology you could want.

More control

The TANG offers you Real-Time Electric All-Wheel Drive. That’s a mouthful, but it means your EV will always give you optimum grip and control. If you take a look at the wheels, you’ll see standard Brembo calipers and IPB braking system from Bosch. Any connoisseur will tell you that that means you are and remain in complete control in every situation.


Blade Battery

After many independent tests, we can honestly say that our Blade Battery is one of the safest and best batteries in the world. This is partly because we have been a global authority in battery technology for over 27 years

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Of course, the only way to really get to know the TANG is with a test drive. Click the button below to schedule your test drive!

Corporate lease

We offer special leasing plans for our business drivers. Find out the benefits during a business consultation.

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