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Blade Battery

Safer, better, stronger and more reliable

This is our Blade Battery

Our Blade Battery

A battery to be proud of

No other battery in the world has ever passed the infamous “nail penetration test” as well as our Blade Battery. In this test, they pound a metal pin through a battery with great force to see what happens. And in the case of the Blade Battery, it was … almost nothing! No smoke and the temperature never got above 60℃. While others can sometimes burn for 24 hours at hundreds of degrees. But that’s not the only thing that makes us so proud of our battery.


A battery that’s better

We have developed the Blade Battery based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). Apart from all the technical advantages, such as the safer heat and cooling properties, this has an even greater advantage: our batteries contain no nickel and no cobalt! And that is so much better for people, planet and in use. In short: safer AND better. We do understand that other EV builders are knocking on our door for our batteries.


A battery that’s stronger

Could it be any more robust? That was the question we asked ourselves every time we designed the Blade Battery. By building the cells in the pack as long, slender ‘Blades’, they can be positioned to become an integral part of the structure. Together with the aluminum honeycomb structure and reinforced panels, this makes the Blade Battery our strongest battery ever.

More reliable

A battery that’s more robust

The Blade Battery’s clever construction and shape has another advantage: greater efficiency! The space in the pack is utilized 50% more compared to traditional batteries. So there is “much more battery” in our batteries – and therefore more energy, more power and greater range. And with more than 5,000 charge and discharge cycles, the Blade Battery also offers you extra long life.

27 years in development

Since our founding, we have been designing and building our batteries entirely in-house. This helps us develop seamless energy solutions that enable and drive our ambitions in mobility. Those decades of innovation, knowledge and expertise have resulted in a battery that performs better in every conceivable way.

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