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Corporate lease

100% electric car corporate leasing at BYD

In a BYD 100% electric vehicle, you will always arrive at every appointment, client and office in style.

Leasing plans for everyone

We offer special lease plans for our business drivers. Check out the benefits below and contact us for a business consultation.

Operational lease

As a business driver, you can choose between operational lease and financial lease at BYD. With operational lease you drive an electric car for a fixed all-inclusive amount per month. BYD remains the owner of the car and is responsible for maintenance, insurance and other costs. At the end of the lease you return the car.

Financial lease

With a financial lease you also drive 100% electric for a fixed monthly fee and you own the car at the end of the lease contract. During the lease period you are the economic owner of the car, but legal ownership remains with BYD. You pay a fixed monthly amount in principal and interest and are responsible for maintenance, insurance and other costs of the car.

Operational LeaseFinancial Lease
Fixed, all-inclusive monthly fee*Fixed all-inclusive monthly fee*
Fixed durationFixed duration
24-hour emergency service24-hour emergency service
Dedicated point of contact for serviceAfter final payment, the BYD is your property
Maintenance and insurance at your own expense
Final term option for lower monthly rate
*Includes tax, insurance, maintenance, repair and depreciation.

Choose the type of lease that suits you best

It is important to determine which type of lease best suits your situation. With operational lease, you are more flexible and do not have to worry about maintenance and other costs. With financial lease, you own the car yourself and can take advantage of tax benefits such as investment deductions and depreciation. At BYD you can consider both options and together with an advisor determine which option suits you best.


The net addition is what you actually pay monthly for the BYD. This addition is based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle and your income. Based on this, a percentage of the fiscal value of the BYD is added to your gross monthly salary. You can find the tax value on the model page (ATTO 3, TANG & HAN).

Advantages of 100% electric car business leasing

When leasing a 100% electric car for business, you benefit from several advantages.

Financial benefits

The government stimulates electric driving with tax benefits. For example, no bpm needs to be paid. Another financial advantage of a 100% electric car is the lower additional tax rate of 16%, instead of 22% for fuel cars. This applies up to a maximum amount of €30,000. For more expensive cars, you pay the additional tax rate of 22% on the remaining amount.

In addition, the operating costs of electric cars are generally lower than those of cars that run on gasoline or diesel. So you can save money and drive sustainably.

Sustainable driving

An important advantage of electric cars is their sustainability. By not emitting any harmful substances, electric cars reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, BYD models are equipped with our Blade Battery. This was developed on the basis of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). The great advantage of this is that the battery contains no nickel, cobalt or manganese. As a company you thus take your social responsibility and contribute to a better environment.

Driving pleasure

Finally, 100% electric cars also offer high driving comfort. You can enjoy a quiet, vibration-free ride and smooth acceleration. This adds to the driving pleasure and makes your trips more comfortable and less stressful. In short, business leasing a 100% electric car offers numerous benefits that you can take advantage of as a business.

Additional information for business drivers


Our BYD models offer optimal safety while driving. The ATTO 3 received the maximum score in the Euro NCAP safety test. Our HAN and TANG are also equipped with state-of-the-art driving aids, from cameras on all sides to Adaptive Cruise Control and Automatic Emergency Brake.


The comfort of our 100% electric BYD lives in all facets of the interior. All of our models have ergonomically designed sport seats. You can electrically adjust the seats and heat them at the touch of a button. No matter how long the ride, you’ll be comfortable in a BYD.

Sound systems

BYD’s sound systems have razor-sharp sound. Ideal for your favorite music and convenient for hands-free phone calls. BYD also function as a kind of mobile power plant. You can charge your laptop and smartphone on the go. That way, you’re immediately ready for the next appointment.

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