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Car Insurance

Everything about insuring your car with BYD

Always guaranteed the best service.

Hit the road carefree

Relaxed driving from A to B in your BYD? Then opt for BYD car insurance. This way you are always assured of the best service, even in case of problems.

Benefits of insuring with BYD

  • BYD dealer
    1 address, 1 point of contact: your BYD dealer. For any kind of damage, contact your BYD dealer and we will help you. Contact is made directly with the BYD dealer, who will keep you informed. So you don’t have to worry about the progress, leave that to us. We always work with original parts, because we trust in our quality and aim for certainty. And so your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.
  • Replacement transport
    Those who dream need freedom. And that goes for your insurance too, of course. When we repair your car, we provide you with replacement transportation. 100% electric. So you can stay on the road.
  • No own risk
    Damage is bad enough, we at BYD think. If you have your BYD dealer take care of the repairs, there is no excess.
  • 5-year new-for-old warranty
    You get a brand new BYD for the first 5 years if your BYD is totaled or stolen. You can also choose an equivalent BYD for the first 5 years in the case of a BYD used vehicle.

Even more benefits:

  • Free switching service
  • Accessories covered up to €2,500
  • Cancellable on a daily basis

Coverage Overview

Limited cascoFull casco basisFull casco extraFull casco complete
Order online
Accessories included?Standard up to €2,500.Standard up to €2,500.Standard up to €2,500.Standard up to €2,500.
New value warrantyNot applicable1 year3 year5 year
Occasion value guarantee3 year 1 year3 year5 year
Replacement transport10 days5 days30 days30 days
Regular dealer as point of contact
EV certified mechanics
Own risk within network€0 at windshield repair€0 at windshield repair€0 at windshield repair€0 at windshield repair
€0 for window replacement€175 for window replacement€0 for window replacement€0 for window replacement
€0 at body repair€275 at body repair€0 at body repair€0 at body repair

Additional Insurances

Accident Basic
In the event of a serious accident, all occupants are insured for:

  • €5,000 per person in the event of death
  • €25,000 per person in the event of permanent disability

Accident Plus
Want more security? With this insurance, the benefit is twice as high as with the Accident Basic insurance. In a serious accident, all occupants are insured for:

  • €10,000 per person in the event of death
  • €50,000 per person in the event of permanent disability

Legal Assistance Basic
Help with legal matters after an accident with your BYD. For example, we help to recover damages.

Legal Assistance Plus
The coverage of Legal Aid Basic supplemented by legal support in the event of a dispute. Does an accident with your BYD lead to a legal dispute? Then you can count on legal assistance.

Important documents

You can download the terms and conditions of Alcredis-BYD car insurance below. The insurance map allows you to quickly and conveniently see the most relevant coverage information. The insurance card helps you compare the insurance with other providers. You will also find the service guide where you will find more information about Alcredis-BYD and its insurance policies.

Service Guide


Insurance card WA

Insurance map WA and limited casco

Insurance map WA and full coverage


For more information, please contact the BYD insurer Bovemij on 024 – 366 56 61. Open on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00.


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