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Frequently asked BYD questions

This page contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions. What do you have a question about?


  1. How can I report damage and have it repaired?
    In all BYD models, a QR code is standard in the driver’s side door. Using the code, you quickly report damage and make an appointment for repair right away.

    Learn more about damage repair.

Ordering online

  1. Can I order a BYD online?
    Besides ordering a BYD at the showroom in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can also do this online. You place the order for your BYD online and we will take care of it for you.

    Learn more about ordering online.

Roadside Assistance

  1. Does BYD offer roadside assistance?
    If you have a breakdown along the road, we’re here for you. When you purchase a BYD, you are automatically insured for ANWB Roadside Assistance. So you’ll never stand still for long!

    Learn more about roadside assistance.

Private lease

  1. Can I lease a BYD privately?
    With Go Private Lease, you drive a BYD of your choice for a fixed amount per month all-inclusive. We offer different lease plans. Something for everyone.
    Learn more about Private Lease.

Trade-in your car

  1. Can I trade in my current car at BYD?
    Trading in your current car at BYD is possible. Schedule an appointment at a showroom near you and bring the car with you. We’ll inspect the car and let you know immediately what your current vehicle is worth.

    Learn more about trading in your car.


  1. What warranty do I have on my BYD?
    With BYD, you are assured of years of warranty. This way, we are working towards a sustainable future and you can enjoy years of driving pleasure.

    Read more about warranty.

Charging/Blade Battery

  1. Does BYD have a charging service?
    In partnership with Vattenfall InCharge, we offer several options for charging your BYD, both at home and on the road. On the road you use a network of 85,000 charging stations and at home we look at which charging option suits you best.

    Learn more about the BYD charging service.
  2. What is the charging time when charging on (normal) alternating current (AC) for the ATTO 3?
    ATTO 3: With our optional 11kW home wall box, you make it easy on yourself. The 60kW battery is then recharged (from 0-100%) at home in about 6.5 hours.

    Learn more about the ATTO 3.
  3. What is the charging time for DC (fast) charging for the ATTO 3?
    The DC 88 kW charging capacity allows you to charge the BYD ATTO 3 at high speed, from SOC 30% to 80% in just 29 minutes.

    Learn more about the ATTO 3.
  4. Will the BYD come with a home charging station or will you need to purchase your own?
    A charging station is not included as standard, but can be ordered through BYD Louwman.

    Learn more about the BYD charging service.
  5. Can the ATTO 3 charge bi-directionally?
    No, the ATTO 3 can do vehicle to load.

    Learn more about the ATTO 3.
  6. If I am not going to use my BYD for an extended period of time, are there any specific precautions I should take?
    It is recommended that you park the car with SOC between 30% and 50% and disconnect the 12V battery.
  7. Are BYD’s models equipped with three-phase charging or single-phase charging?
Model nameNumber of phase charging
ATTO 33 phase, 11kW
TANG1 phase, 6.6kW
HAN1 phase, 6.6kW

Service & maintenance

  1. What service and coverage does BYD offer?
    BYD has several service locations throughout the country. You can visit by appointment for maintenance and all other service questions.

    Learn more about service and coverage.

Corporate lease

  1. Can I lease a BYD business?
    For drivers who want to lease business, we have several leasing plans. Flexible or full coverage – a suitable package for every business driver.

    Learn more about corporate lease.

Car Insurance

  1. What car insurance(s) does BYD offer?
    With BYD car insurance, we guarantee you the best service even in case of problems. We offer various basic and additional insurance policies. So you can insure your BYD the way you want.

    Learn more about BYD car insurance.

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